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International Consulting #TheBeckCompany

International Consulting
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Gary C. Beck a Single Severely Disabled Diabetic Businessowner Father of two Boys one Son Joshua has (Aspergers) Autism -Specializing in Autism & Diabetes Issues · Palm Desert, California USA
The Beck Company
Founded in 1985 by Gary C. Beck a Peaceful, Non-Judging, Christian, providing Christian Mediation Lobbying & Teaching Services on a project by project basis only.
It might feel like a miracle if not; what can we say?
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At The Beck Company we specialize in Severe Special Needs Situations, defined as looking for a Miracle of peace, through the Love and Forgiveness found in Christ Jesus, when faced with a difference that will not change. Practice Limited to Representing the Severely Disabled on International Murder Cases only. Working on the worst of the Worst cases only. Limited to Representing Single Christian Moms on severe Autism & Diabetes International Murder Cases only.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
If You Want To Put Murderers In Jail Work For Us – We only employ the Disabled WorldWide.
Please Remember; Love Never Fails.
From The Holy Bible
1 Corinthians 13:8
Legal Disclosure

Divorce, Autism, Diabetes, Socialism, and Illegal Drugs prevention and healing is a Pro Bono work of The Beck Company in continuing our dedication to helping seek Christian Peace in Severe Special Needs Situations Worldwide.

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Gary C. Beck and The Beck Company
Background Information

The Beck Company

Public, Business and Government Mediation and Lobbying Dispute Resolution Projects.

The Beck Company- no hidden agenda; this is our
Intent, Peace.

The Beck Company was founded in 1985 to help clients and the clients’ adversaries reduce the number of problems in their lives peacefully in writing by providing lobbying and mediation services. Today we continue to offer those services in the hope of healing relationships and making this world a more peaceful place for our clients. The Beck Company offers projects to focus client’s attention on the area of need in their lives, so as to affect constructive solutions on Public, Business and Government Relations.

While working, over the years, for individuals, associations and business I found that we worked mostly on a project by project basis, in the past, the efforts were not called projects but simply called fighting fires or mending fences. Not much has changed over the years, however at The Beck Company we have created dispute resolution projects to assist in just such matters. Working hard on a project basis we find helps to keep the situation peaceful and simply control the project costs.

Flexible yet continually focused on the favored outcome.

With The Beck Company Project the option of using the professional services of Gary C. Beck as a Mediator, Lobbyist and Teacher only is possible. However, if you desire to choose to pay for or use other Mediators, Lobbyist and Teachers to help you within the structure of The Beck Company Project our projects administration services make that possible.

Let me know if we can be of help.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Gary C. Beck

The Beck Company

Gary C. Beck Resume


OBJECTIVE: Public, Business and Government Relations Services.


1985 to Present

The Beck Company

Lobbying and Mediation Services: Working hard for our employers’ interests as a representative in the community building strong coalitions. Clients are individuals, businesses and associations on International, Federal, State, Regional and Local legislative and regulatory issues. The Beck Company works on issues that include, business (profit and non-profit), land use, transportation, environment (Air, Land, Water), manufacturing, wholesale, retail, public policy, volunteer organizing and communications, association and political action committee management, public and media relations, intellectual property, information technology and computers, equipment testing and standards, import/export, labor/management, smog check, restaurant, finance and tax, creating new markets, defending markets, licensing, insurance, franchise, recycling, tobacco, chemical, business trade secrets, education, entertainment, dispute resolution, government contracting, government organization and operation, government funding, enforcement and compliance.

Additionally Gary created, maintained, managed, and participated in coalitions on a wide range of issues, and is able to work with all levels of government, business and public policy, at the same time, to unite the efforts of reaching agreements, that translate into actions that follow the provisions of the agreements made, as laws, regulations and/or independent agreements.

1983 to 1984 National Rifle Association

Lobbyist: lobbying in the Western United States Region that included 5 States.

1982 to 1983
United States Brewers Association

Lobbyist: lobbying in the Western Region that included an area of 6 states.

1981 to 1982 Agricultural Council of California

Lobbyist: Regulatory Specialist lobbying regulatory legislative issues in the California State Capital.


1981 California State University, Fullerton. B.A. Political Science

1978 INTERNSHIP IN THE CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY through California State University, Sacramento.

1976 Graduated, Foothill High School

All The Beck Company Mediation and Lobbying Go to Jail services are provided in a Get the Criminal Prosecution Support Services 5 Project. Project only.

Price Sheet

For Get the Criminal Prosecution Support Services 5 Project Services .

#1. Projects Administration and Lobbying for Peace Peacefully.

$100,000 U.S. Dollars for 5 months services only plus expenses.

#2. Mediation meetings.

$350 U.S. Dollars per hour per party plus expenses.

#3. Teaching Jail is the Answer.

$450 U.S. Dollars Per hour for teaching plus expenses, only 3 hours at a time, one to one teaching only.

General Terms and Conditions are as follows:

-Only one matter per Project

-All fees and costs Pre-paid with written agreement only.

-No Refunds all services shall be pre-paid.

-All services shall be part of a project only.

Please; consider today that it is your relationships during life that matter most.

Please get on The Beck Company waiting list for services.

Thank You

Gary C. Beck and The Beck Company

All Rights Reserved.