The Beck Company Gary C. Beck How I Became  lobbyist 

Gary Charles Beck was born in California and is therefore a United States Citizen. Three weeks later Gary was given the Sacrament of Baptism by Minister Kermit E. White, Ph. D. The Holy Scripture read for his baptism was 2 Corinthians 3, which talks about God being our sufficiency who has made us able ministers of the New Testament. Additionally, the Minister on that day titled his sermon: “Making the Bible Real”.  So it was no surprise that Gary accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart and was filled with the Holy Spirit at age 12, after attending Vacation Bible School at Orange Covenant Church on the floor of a classmate’s house one summer. All the kids including Gary heard the Gospel that day with one unique aspect that Gary had never heard before. That Jesus, the Son of God came to earth for a purpose, to die on the cross for our sins and come to life again to be our friend and unite us with God.  He wanted each person to respond to serve Him and accept His gift of grace or reject Him.  The unique part was that God sent His son to earth specifically for Gary individually and wanted to make a deal with him.  That was it, Gary raised his hand to make a choice and accepted Jesus in his heart and suddenly felt different, he was happy, complete, and loved.  Gary’s life has never been the same since. Gary was now a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.Gary then entered politics on the invitation of his sister to go on a walk for the re-election Campaign of President Richard M. Nixon at age 14.  He did so but to his surprise the door to door walk was rained out (that is a surprise in Southern California).  However, when he arrived back at the headquarters of the campaign he was asked by his sister again to call his friends to invite them to a party or rally that night to celebrate the youth and the 18 year olds who were voting for the first time in an election.  Even though his friends were young and had to get their parent’s okay and talk them into driving, he called them anyway and to his surprise they came and brought their parents and friends.  The party was a success and Gary caught the political bug.  Gary was surprised how easy it was to get people involved.

The next political involvement Gary had was attending the Republican State Party Conventions. He was learning how the Party structure worked and enjoyed the meetings except he was a lot younger than most of the people each year he attended and found some of the meetings boring. While attending High School Gary, a drummer in the band, competed for and was chosen as the Drum Major for the award winning Foothill High School Marching Band. That parade season was a great time and ended with a first place in the Santa Ana Christmas Parade.

The other involvement that was noteworthy was when Gary worked professionally part-time for the Orange County Republican Party at 16 years old.  This was a High School job he held while attending and later graduating from Foothill High School in 1976.  His job was to call homes in Orange County to ask for financial support for the Orange County Republican Party while those he called were watching the Watergate and Impeachment Hearings on T.V. for President Nixon.  A tough sell but he figured the Republican Party was still a good cause and toughed it out.  This was a step up the professional latter, “because my 1st professional job, was to call phone numbers out of the phone book starting with the letter A to ask if anyone wanted to take The Orange County Register Newspaper.”  In 1977 Gary was appointed to serve on the California Republican State Central Committee’s Finance Committee by the Chairman of the Party.

The next time we find Gary he is attending California State University at Fullerton. Gary in 1977 was elected by the students of the University to serve on the Associated Students’ Board of Directors representing the Social Sciences.  Additionally, while attending college Gary was voted in as President of the Political Science Students’ Association. Gary also was a member of the Reagan Youth Delegation to the Republican National Convention in Detroit when Mr. Reagan got the nomination from the Party to be and then went on to win the office of President of the United States of America. Gary was chosen and went as a Representative from California State University at Fullerton to attend California State University at Sacramento for a Semester Intern Program in the State Capital.  He landed in the office of a Republican Assemblyman and learned how an Assembly Office runs, wrote speeches, worked on constituent case work, managed interns and most importantly drafted and worked on legislation and regulatory issues through the state legislature. To top this off Gary made the Dean’s List.

This was Gary’s first encounter with people called lobbyists.  He encountered them while working on legislation, and thought that was a job he would like to do as a career. Rather than go to law school and argue laws to help people, he wanted to work to make laws and lobby to help people. So, upon graduating from California State University at Fullerton with a Political Science Degree in 1981, Gary packed up his Bronco with his Bible, resumes and $300 in cash and drove to Sacramento to lobby the lobbyists to become a lobbyist.

He again landed on his feet in 30 days with his first professional lobbying job as a Regulatory Specialist for the Agricultural Council of California lobbying regulatory legislative issues in the State Capital.  After gaining success at his first position he was approached by the United States Brewers Association to lobby in the Western Region that included an area of 6 states. Then Gary went to work for the National Rifle Association again lobbying in the Western United States Region that included 5 States. At this point Gary was having success and learned how to lobby and run offices so he went out on his own to form his own lobbying firm, The Beck Company in Orange County in 1985.

Upon opening his firm Gary gained clients who were individuals, businesses and associations on International, Federal, State, Regional and Local legislative and regulatory issues. He additionally, worked professionally on the successful re-election campaign of California Governor George Deukmejian. Gary was responsible for campaign activities in 10 counties in Southern California including Orange and Riverside Counties. (A note: all the counties Gary was responsible for won over 50% of the vote for Deukmejian including Los Angeles County, that was quite an achievement for the campaign given that the opponent was Tom Bradley who at the time was the Mayor of Los Angeles).  Additionally, one year Gary served voluntarily as the Orange County Republican Party Registration Chairman and that year the Party set a record in Orange County for registering Republicans.

The Beck Company worked on issues that included, business (profit and non-profit), land use, transportation, environment (Air, Land, Water), manufacturing, wholesale, retail, public policy, volunteer organizing and communications, association and political action committee management, public and media relations, intellectual property, information technology and computers, equipment testing and standards,  import/export, labor/management, smog check, restaurant, finance and tax, creating new markets, defending markets, licensing, insurance, franchise, recycling, tobacco, chemical, business trade secrets, education,  entertainment, dispute resolution, government contracting, government organization and operation, government funding, enforcement and compliance.

Additionally Gary created, maintained, managed, and participated in coalitions on a wide range of issues, and is able to work with all levels of government, business and public policy, at the same time, to unite the efforts of reaching agreements, that translate into actions that follow the provisions of the agreements made, as laws, regulations and/or independent agreements.

Gary attributes the success of his business life to prayer and following The Bible. Gary in 1996 at age 39, accepted God’s calling on his life to enter full time into His ministry to follow the example of Jesus.


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